Business acquisition advice

Are you facing a business acquisition? Find out why good advice is indispensable.

Business acquisition consulting

There is a lot involved in a business acquisition. A lot of information must be exchanged and weighed both before and after the purchase. Good preparation is crucial. Our advisors are familiar with the complexity of business takeovers. They will be happy to give you advice. This way you will be well prepared during the acquisition process.

Why business acquisition consulting?

Managing an acquisition yourself seems tempting. If you have the knowledge and experience to manage a company, you can buy or sell it yourself, right? Yet it often turns out that you are better off with advice. First of all, because an advisor helps you get the very best deal out of it. After all, he or she has years of experience with that.

But there are many other aspects involved. Think of a letter of intent, or letter of intent. Or determining the value, covering the risks, determining and avoiding bottlenecks and drafting a watertight purchase contract. These are all matters that require excellent legal, business and fiscal insight.

In addition, many interests come into play in a business acquisition because other parties are involved. It is not just about the buying and selling owner, but an entire company with staff is involved. Whether it is a large or a small company.

An advisor, as an outsider, can offer an objective view. In fact, personal involvement can be disastrous for closing a deal. Some want too much, others are too harsh, still others forget to do book research. With business acquisition advice, you avoid sloppiness and get the best possible deal.

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Pitfalls in a business acquisition

Because a business acquisition is so complex, things sometimes go wrong. Very often we find that advice is sought too late, by which time all sorts of things are already happening. We help you avoid these pitfalls:

1. Forgetting to do proper research

Buyers in particular often want to move too fast. Then it turns out, for example, during the negotiation process (or even worse: afterwards) that the company was recently on the verge of bankruptcy. But even with a sale, research is necessary to know what the company is worth. This way you can avoid disappointments. An advisor can help you with this.

2. Signing a letter of intent too soon

Not everyone knows it, but a letter of intent is usually legally binding. So just like a contract of sale, such a statement must be legally correct and serve all interests. Whether you are a buyer or seller.

3. A poor relationship with the other party

A negotiation process always involves strategy. Still, it's not helpful to play it too hard. After all, in a business acquisition, the favor factor plays a big role. If you are going to buy the company, it is often your future colleagues with whom you are sitting at the table. In order to get something done later, you will have to win their trust. It is therefore better to leave the negotiation to an outsider.

business acquisition advice

4. A wrong valuation

When selling a business, it's obviously a shame if you don't get the most out of it. After all, you've worked hard to build the business the way it is today. The other way around also applies: if you as the buyer pay too high a price, you will be on the hook for a long time. That will affect the startup process for a long time. An advisor can help with the valuation so that the price is right for the business you are buying or selling.

Legal advice in a business acquisition.

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Components of a business acquisition

Whether you are selling or buying a business, you will always have to deal with a lot of legal issues. This starts with the non-disclosure agreement, for example; it has to be conclusive. Did you know that you can download a customized confidentiality agreement from our site? Furthermore, you can think of:

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent, or letter of intent, can be binding or more non-binding. It outlines all agreements. People often think too lightly of such a declaration. In many cases, a letter of intent is legally binding; you cannot just get out of it. Our advisors know exactly what it should contain and whether your situation requires a binding or non-binding letter of intent.

Hedging the risks

There are risks associated with any acquisition, for both buyer and seller. Our advisors can identify the risks for both parties before closing a deal.

Due diligence

Anyone planning to purchase a business will first need to do book research, also known as due diligence.

Defining bottlenecks

In our experience, buyers or sellers often underestimate what is involved in a business takeover. Bottlenecks are often overlooked. In some cases, for example, dealbreakers can be identified that you yourself do not foresee, but can be predicted. Also take a look at our business acquisition tips in this area.

Negotiation process

Of course you want the best price and the best terms. Our advisors have extensive experience in strategic negotiation and advise on the best deal for every business acquisition.

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Purchase Contract

A complex purchase such as a business requires a complex purchase contract. To make it legally conclusive, business acquisition advice is indispensable. This way you will not be faced with any surprises afterwards.

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About Loor Legal & Partners

At Loor Legal & Partners, we are familiar with the complexities of a corporate takeover. Founder Ernest Loor deals with them on a daily basis. Together with his team of experienced specialists, he offers business acquisition advice. For many years Loor Legal & Partners has been managing mergers and acquisitions.

Since studying business law in Leiden, Loor has been a lawyer for almost eighteen years. He specialized as a takeover lawyer with the postgraduate course Mergers and Acquisitions. With his firm Loor Legal, he has always worked for SMEs, so he knows the ropes. Not for nothing was he nominated several times for best acquisition lawyer of the year at the Merger & Acquisition Awards.

Loor Legal & Partners supports large and smaller companies in all procedures involved in an acquisition, whether it is the preparation, negotiation or completion phase. You can put that knowledge to good use. We are happy to help you through the process.


Help with a business acquisition

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Why engage Loor Legal & Partners?

In any business acquisition, advice comes in handy. At Loor Legal & Partners, we offer specific support when buying and selling a business. We always work according to the following values:

Anonymous and approachable

The fact that you are selling or taking over a company does not need to be made public. This is why our advisors work with the utmost discretion and why you can also obtain advice during exploratory talks. You are not yet committed to anything.

Accessible and transparent

In an acquisition, you want to know exactly what is happening. We therefore believe that our advice should be clear and accessible. So no woolly language and complicated documents. And you remain in control.

Specializing in corporate acquisitions

With years of experience, our attorneys know exactly what is involved in a business acquisition. Whether it is a large or small company, we have successfully supported many companies through an acquisition.

Strong in consulting and negotiation

In a negotiation, an objective view is indispensable. Strategy and tactics play an important role, and that's something we are very good at. We are happy to help you play the game as smartly as possible.

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