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Attorney trainee / junior associate

Strengthen our team in Apeldoorn and grow with us! We are looking for recently graduated lawyers with a curious result-oriented attitude and an open, open-minded work ethic. If you combine youthful bravado with a strong motivation to learn and contribute to the growth of our firm, then you are the candidate we are looking for!....

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Three Cities Business columns 

Lawyer Ernest Loor of Loor Legal & Partners highlights, especially for Driesteden Business, from his expertise, the issues that buying and selling parties may face in business acquisitions.

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'Takeover lawyer of the year 2023' nomination

At Loor Legal & Partners, we are fully committed to every client. Then it is very gratifying to see that our efforts are appreciated. In 2023, our attorney Mr. Ernest Loor was nominated for the leading Merger & Acquisition Awards to compete for the title "Acquisition Lawyer of the Year.

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The AVG in M&A

How do you best handle personal data during an acquisition process? Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), it is important for sellers and buyers to treat information exchange with extra care. Especially during due diligence, the buyer will want to see a lot of confidential information from the seller. Then the question is:...

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Loor Legal introduces help with corona perils

The corona crisis sometimes presents entrepreneurs with unexpected issues. On the one hand, companies have to deal with peak loads. On the other hand, liquidity problems can crop up. In this market of scarcity and surplus, Loor Legal has launched a new service: especially for entrepreneurs in the Eastern Netherlands. This service can be found under the name "Cashcall" on our site. What we...

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Acquisition contracts: checklist points of interest

This checklist describes the points of attention that must be observed when drafting acquisition contracts. The checklist relates exclusively to a takeover contract governed by Dutch law. It is not intended as advice. It applies solely as an aid in drafting, negotiating and reviewing a takeover contract. In this way it circumvents...

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Earn-out: the desired bridge between buyer and seller?

It is common for the seller and buyer to disagree on the valuation of the business. The buyer believes that the seller has (too) rosy expectations about the company's expected financial results in the future, while the seller believes that the buyer is wrongly focusing on the uncertainties and...

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'With Ernest came the turning point in the sales process'

If your business is successful after years of hard work, you naturally want a reward for that when you take over. When Marijke* and her business partner had found a buyer for their childcare organization earlier this year, they discovered that they had seriously underestimated how difficult it still is. Halfway through the process, they hired acquisition lawyer Ernest Loor...

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Relaunch or acquisition

Continuing bankrupt business: relaunch or takeover

Taking over a healthy company provides certainty: you will know that there are profits to be made. But taking over an (almost) bankrupt company can also have advantages. It reduces the price, for example. What should you consider as a buyer? And do you opt for a relaunch or a takeover? Bankruptcy: what is the cause?....

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Corona business acquisition

Corona spares no one, but also offers opportunities in business acquisitions

Every business is feeling the blows of corona. Where some companies see their sales shrivel up, those of others pop into the sky. So it makes sense that the crisis is having an effect on the acquisition market. Let's go back in time for a moment eight weeks. It's mid-February, it's business as usual. The economy is...

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Increasing the value of your business for sale

Anyone selling their business naturally wants as much as possible in return. Your company is your heart and soul, you have worked hard for it and you want to see that reflected in the sale. What the value is depends on many aspects. Sometimes with small adjustments you can already increase the value of your...

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Starting a business in Germany: what are the opportunities and bottlenecks?

Doing business in Germany offers great opportunities. After all, it is Europe's largest market with 83 million inhabitants. Anyone who wants to start a business in Germany or is involved in drafting a commercial contract, an acquisition, a joint venture or sale would do well to consider some of the characteristics of the German. Language:...

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Value company with these 14 aspects

You have decided to sell your business or are in the process of doing so. To get the most out of a sale, you will need to determine the value of your business. How do you determine it? Do you want to sell your business? You're not the only one: recently it became clear that more and more SMBs are doing just that...

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'Acquisition lawyer of the year 2019' nomination

At Loor Legal & Partners, we are fully committed to every client. Then it is very nice to see than our efforts are appreciated. In 2019, our attorney Mr. Ernest Loor has been nominated for the leading Merger & Acquisition Awards to compete for the title "Acquisition Lawyer of the Year.

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Letter of Intent

The 10 most common topics in letters of intent

A letter of intent has many names. Besides letter of intent, the following terms are also used for this preliminary agreement: term sheet, letter of intent, letter of intent, Memorandum of Understanding (MoA), Heads of Terms (HoT). Some of these preliminary agreements are already quite binding, others significantly less so. You cannot infer that from the name of this pre-agreement, but follows from...

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Farmer gets credit

Farmer gets credit for acquisition

Taking over a farm will be made easier for young farmers starting next year. As of January 1, 2020, Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten will allocate €75 million for a farm takeover fund for young farmers. This fund will support young farmers with subordinated loans to realize both the takeover of the family farm and investments in innovation,...

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Taking over a business: tips for successfully taking over a business

Taking over a business is complex and time-consuming. There are several concerns that you don't face on a daily basis. Time for business acquisition advice! We offer 11 tips you can put to good use when taking over a business. Do you need help with one or more steps? Then contact us for a...

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due diligence study

Due diligence: why is it so important?

"I have known this company for a long time." "The entrepreneur comes across as trustworthy." These are common reasons for skipping due diligence. That way you save costs and time right? The opposite is true. In a successful business acquisition, a thorough due diligence report is indispensable. Investigating the accuracy of the information presented by the seller,...

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management buy-in

Management Buy-In: 4 things that can go wrong

A Management Buy-In can be a great opportunity to start your own business, but it is not as simple as it seems. It is an elaborate process that involves more than you think. Things could go wrong in a Management Buy-In if you don't make the proper preparations. Especially at...

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financing management buy-in

Financing Management Buy-In: these are the possibilities

You like the idea of entrepreneurship and are considering a Management Buy-In. Financing plays an important role. You will need to come to an agreement with the owner about the amount you need to take with you if you want to buy in. Do not underestimate that you must have a considerable amount of equity in order to...

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Roadmap Management Buy-In

Management Buy-In Roadmap: here's how to get in on the right foot

Whether you're buying or selling a business, it's not something you do every day. In fact, presumably it is the first and only time. The procedure of a Management Buy-In is therefore unexplored territory for most people. A sound step-by-step plan for a Management Buy-In including good advice can take you quite a...

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6 pitfalls to consider in a Management Buy-In

You have decided to become self-employed. The fastest way to get there is through a Management Buy-In (MBI): you buy into an existing company and enjoy the benefits of an already running business. However, there are a number of pitfalls with a Management Buy-In to consider. The...

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Management Buy-In: what it is and what you need to know

The Management Buy-In (MBI) is a very common form of business acquisition. In an MBI, a person from outside a company buys in. It may involve a partial or full equity stake. Are you considering looking for an MBI candidate for your company or are you yourself thinking about...

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Can a specialized lawyer help with a business acquisition?

As an SME, you are used to doing a lot yourself. Over the years you have taught yourself most of the important skills, but then the time comes when you want to buy or sell your business. You have no experience with that yet. Of course, you can figure out a lot yourself, but still: you want to have the...

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4 crucial tips for your SME business acquisition

Many SMEs want to sell their business sooner or later. Not infrequently, they think a little too easily about the SME company takeover. Possibly the same applies to you, which may cause you to overlook things, underestimate risks or worse, not get the most out of your sale. That's why we put the...

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